I recently reinstalled windows 7 (again) to fix a stupid directx 11 error. Of course this means having to reinstall all my software and get it set up how I like.

I am an avid user of Pidgin because I find it works well on windows and linux and I rather like the minimal interface (although its IRC support could be much better I feel). One of the main features I use is the spell checking feature, because it’s always nice to get my spelling correct. However I always forget how to set this up on windows, they say it should get installed with the installer but does not always happen for me, so I thought I should post it here for my own future reference and for others who might be looking for this fix.

Annoyingly googling for the answer does not bring up the one page that tells you exactly how to do it. Namely the pidgin FAQ.

It’s as simple as downloading the OpenOffice dictionary plugin, extracting the *.dic and *.aff files for your chosen languages and copying them into \spellcheck\share\enchant\myspell\. (The OO extension can be opened like a normal zip file, just rename it to *.zip if you are unsure)

The folders did not exist for me so I simply had to create the needed ones, then after loading up pidgin (or restarting if it’s already open) all you have to do is check that the spell check feature is enabled (tools->preferences->conversations->Hilight misspelled words)

And woosh! That’s it. After that mistakes should be highlighted with that familiar red squiggle.

Pidgin FAQ